About Us

Statement Jewellery

Equiivalence is a sustainable jewellery brand born with a vision to offer modern and statement range of luxurious jewels.
Our versatile jewels are thoughtfully designed to keep you glammed up from AM to PM driven by inspiration from nature and art.

Wearable art

All our products are the work of art made from hypoallergenic brass and ethically sourced materials. We deeply value and encourage the hardworking artisans who spend hours crafting and perfecting the jewellery that reaches you.

Equal & Inclusive

We came to being as Equiivalence, as the philosophy that every being is equal. We believe that art is devoid of any disparity, it sees no race, religion, form or color. Our logo signifies the equality we stand for within nature and humanity.

Affordable luxury

Affordable luxury We believe in making sustainable products that are affordable at the same time rich in both quality and design. We dare to imagine a world where sustainable consumption is the only consumption. We strive for a better tomorrow - for ourselves, and the generations to come.

Our Heroes

"It's all about the process!"

We greatly value the cycle that a product goes through before it comes to life. All our products are responsibly made through every stage of the supply chain and are handcrafted in India by our skilled artisans, Mr. Uttam Jana (left) and Mr. Davnath Dey (right) who are the backbone or as we call them 'The Heroes' of Equiivalence.